CSA Teacher and Staff Favorites

CSA Teacher and Staff Favorites page is for parents and students that want to show appreciation for their favorite teacher or staff member but need an idea of what to buy or do. Here you will find gift ideas and opportunities to volunteer in the classroom. To volunteer, please feel free to contact teacher or staff member by email to arrange dates and times. We hope that you enjoy the suggestions.

If you have any questions about this page please contact Christy Nunnally.

Teacher and staff members are sorted alphabetically by last name.

Staff Members
 Kris Barnett
Hobby: Watching TV
Collectible: DVD’s
Gift cards: Alamo Drafthouse, Best Buy, Salons, Taco Cabana,
Flower: Passion Flower
Plant: Audrey II
Scents: Basil, Clean Linen, Licorice, Vanilla
Music: 90’s
Sport team: Hook ’em Horns!!!
Book or author: Les Miserables
Color: Blue
Vacation spot: California
Candy: ANY
Cake: Tres Leches
Pie: Homemade Key Lime or Homemade Boston Creme
Healthy snack: Smoothie
Chip: Zapp’s Dill Pickle or any Sea Salt & Vinegar
Drink: Coke
Movie: The Color Purple
Restaurant: Trudy’s
Meal: anything Italian
Place to shop: Macy’s
Classroom or office need: nothing really
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: I love that free food! ūüėČ

 Marsha Hagin
Hobby: Cooking
Collectible: Bluebirds
Gift cards: Maxine
Flower: Rose
Plant: Tulip
Scents: Vanilla
Music: 60’s
Sport team: LSU Tigers
Book or author: Linda Ellerbee
Color: Blue
Vacation spot: The Beach
Candy: Nips-Butterscotch
Cake: Italian Cream Cake
Pie: Coconut Cream
Healthy snack: Carrots
Chip: Ruffles
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Movie: Shawshank Redemption
TV show: Shameless
Restaurant: Perry’s
Meal: Southern Fried Catfish

Veronica Navarro 
Pie: Pumpkin
Cake: Chocolate

Tyler Nobles
Hobby: music, sports
Collectibles: none
Gift cards: coffee, Target- you always need diapers
Flower: none
Plant: none
Scents: none
Music: I normally stream music, so what ever I am in the mood for
Sport team:
Book or author:
Color: Green
Vacation spot: mountains and beaches
Candy: twix,snickers
Cake: chocolate
Pie: pecan, key lime
Healthy snack: yeah right, maybe popcorn??
Chip: julios
Drink: cokes
Movie: action or comedy
TV show: none
Restaurant: North by Northwest, Thai Lada, Chuy’s
Meal: Panang curry
Place to shop: Best buy, Cabelas, Target
Classroom or office need: Black expo markers
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: I would say anytime you wish, But I normally don’t have much to do, wash dishes??

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Teachers and Support Staff
Rebekka Carter
Hobby: Reading, scrapbooking, Crossfit
Gift cards: Target, Starbucks
Flower: Orchids, daisies, carnations
Plant: None
Scents: Jasmine, earthy scents
Music: Depends on mood
Sport team: Green Bay Packers
Book or author:  Sarah Maas, Patricia Briggs
Color: Green
Vacation spot: Camping or beach
Candy: Heath/Skor, Skittles
Cake: Carrot, Chocolate
Pie: Pumpkin, Chocolate creme
Healthy snack: Fruit (berries), celery
Chip: Sunchips
Drink: Coffee
TV show: Criminal minds, CSIs, NCISs, Modern Family
Restaurant: Russo’s, Morelias
Place to shop: Target, Maurices
Classroom or office need:  antibacterial wipes, antibacterial spray (or whatever you want to call it not LYSOL)
Opportunity for parents to volunteer:  During dissections

 Howard Davis
Hobby: Renaissance Fair stuff
Collectible: Star Wars
Gift cards: Target, Starbucks
Flower: tulip (for the wife)
Music: techno (I know, stereotypical)
Sport team: KC Chiefs, ND Irish
Book or author: Paradise Lost favorite book, author probably Timothy Zahn
Color: Irish Green
Vacation spot: Las Vegas/OK City
Candy: Skittles
Cake: Chocolate
Pie: Apple
Healthy snack: V8 Fruit Blends
Chip: Bar B Q
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Movie: Star Wars Empire Strikes Back
TV show: Justified or Game of Thrones
Meal: Ribs
Place to shop: Target
Classroom or office need: Organization, old computer parts, technology decoration/posters
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: Inventory

Sara Delaram

List not provided.

 Ashley Ellis

Hobby: spending time with my son and family :) photography, painting, stained glass art
Gift cards: Target, Amazon
Scents: woodsy scents, and I have a new found love for lemon
Music:¬†I love oldies, country (pre today’s “country” music), 90s alternative
Sport team: Texas A&M
Color: green
Vacation spot: any place where I can explore the outdoors 
Candy: Sour apple flavored candy (Laffy Taffy, Airheads, Sour Straws, Jolly Ranchers)
Cake: carrot cake
Pie: cherry, apple
Healthy snack: apples
Chip: Sea Salt and Vinegar
Drink:Dr. Pepper
Movie:The Power of One
TV show: Call the Midwife, Man in the High Castle, Suits
Restaurant: Chuy’s, Maudie’s, Gloria’s (see a theme here?), Pei Wei, Sushi Zushi, Thundercloud Subs
Meal: usually mexican
Place to shop: GAP, Target
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: I might occasionally need help cutting things out

Mana Greenwell

Hobby: reading my kindle going to the gym
Collectable: big coffee mugs, water cups/bottles, travel mugs (type with lids)
Gift cards: Starbucks, Amazon, Central Market, Whole Foods
Flower: roses
Plant: those small rosebuds
Scents: Love fruity and floral smells. Not a big fan of vanilla
Music: pretty eclectic- but not big on country
Sport team: longhorns
Book or author: Love cookbooks, Game of Thrones, reading the Outlander series and any Tim Gunn books
Color: Green or purple
Vacation spot:¬†beach spot ‚Äď South Padre Island
Candy: anything white chocolate, godiva, twix, those chocolate pecan caramel clusters (turtles or longhorns depending on where you get them)
Cake: German chocolate or black forest
Pie: anything coconut- especially coconut cream pies, baked coconut and coconut pecan. Also love cream pies and fruit pies (any kind of berry and cherry).
Healthy snack: All and any kind of fruits or veggies, and cheeses, beef jerky
Favorite chip:¬†baked cheetos, lays kettle jalapeno, lays bbq, Hot Fries (Andy’s)
Drink: Starbucks cinnamon dolce and caramel nonfat latte, Sweet leaf mint and honey tea
Movie: American Beauty, Shawshank Redemption, Talladega Nights, Zoolander
TV show: Game of Thrones, Downton Abby, Outlander, Big Brother
Restaurant: Central Market, Chez Nous, Mandolas (Itallian), Cover 3
Meal: a spread of cheeses, cured meats, fruit and bread
Place to shop: Amazon, Central Market, Whole Foods, Banana Republic, White House Black Market
Classroom or office need: Tissue boxes, paper towels, clorox wipes, donations or granola bars, fruit bars and protein bars for the free food pantry outside of my classroom.
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: From the beginning of the school to Spring Break I love when parents can take pics at school events and send them to me for the yearbook. That way I don’t have to be everywhere.

 Michelle Hastings
Hobby: Excercise
Collectibles: Whales
Gift cards: Target
Flower: Tulips
Plant: anything green
Scents: Fresh Linens
Music: Country
Sport team: Cincinnati Reds
Book or author: To Kill a Mockingbird
Color: Red
Vacation spot: Beach
Candy :Reese’s, Twix
Cake :Italian Cream Cake
Pie: Pecan
Healthy snack: Nuts
Chip: Fritos
Drink: Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade, Water
Movie: Sound of Music
TV show: Amazing Race
Restaurant: Panda Express, Any Steakhouse
Meal: Pasta
Place to shop: Sweet Love and Sugar Britches (Downtown Round Rock)
Classroom or office need:
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: Field Day at the end of the year

 Erica Hoffman 

Birthdate:   May 7
Hobby:       Reading, weightlifting, cooking/baking
Collectible:  Books
Gift cards:    Starbucks (and other coffee places), Amazon
Flower:   Gardenia
Plant:      Rosemary
Scents:    Lavender, rosemary, lemon
Music:     Alternative rock, classic rock, classical, pop
Sport team:   Liverpool FC, University of Florida Gators, Orlando City SC, New England Patriots
Book or author:  Harry Potter series, Wuthering Heights, A Song of Ice and Fire
Color: Pink
Vacation spot: Florida
Candy: None
Cake: Vegan chocolate cake
Pie: Vegan pumpkin or cherry pie
Healthy snack: Fruit (anything but bananas)
Chip: Sunchips
Drink:  Unsweet Iced Tea
Movie: Harry Potter series
TV show:  Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad
Restaurant: Local vegan/vegetarian places
Meal: Thai Coconut Curry, Pizza, Sushi
Place to shop:  Amazon, Ikea, TJ Maxx
Classroom or office need: Decorations!
Opportunity for parents to volunteer:  N/A

 Jay Jacobson
Birthdate: February 2
Hobby:     Visiting historical sites/museums
Gift cards:
Music:   Baroque to Classical
Sport team:
Book or author: Reconstruction by Eric Foner
Vacation spot:  New York City
Cake: German Choc.
Pie:  Any fruit or custard
Healthy snack: apples and cheese
Drink:  Starbucks coffee
Movie: A Man For All Seasons
TV show:  House of Cards (American version)
Restaurant:   East Side Cafe
Meal: pot roast unless in New England, then blue fish
Place to shop:
Classroom or office need: poster board

 Eve Margolis

List not provided.

 Andrea Mates
Birthdate: May 20
Hobby: Currently, carpentry
Gift cards: Home Depot
Flower: Tulips
Plant: Succulents
Sport team: Duke Basketball
Book or author: Currently Brandon Sanderson; general military science fiction and science fantasy
Vacation spot: Tallinn, Estonia
Pie: Gluten Free Cheese Cake
Cake: Gluten Free Berry Pie or Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie
Healthy snack: Oxymoron? Baby sweet peppers
Chip: Chicharrones
TV show: Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Restaurant: Osaka Mansun
Meal: Steak and vege
Place to shop: Amazon
Classroom or office need: Greenery
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: Tech sector speakers on software design and implementation

Amy Mowrer
Hobby: Hiking & Reading
Collectible: Nope – I’m a minimalist
Gift cards:  Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Chick-fil-A
Flower: Sunflowers
Plant:  African Violets
Scents:   Vanilla
Music: Audio Books
Sport team: Sports? No thank you
Book or author: I love audio books: novels, memoirs, history
Color: Red
Vacation spot: The beach
Candy:  Twix, skittles, pretzel M&Ms Рallergic to nuts
Cake: chocolate
Pie: blackberry (but I like cake better)
Healthy snack: veggies & hummus, honey crisp apples, smoothies
Chip: Red or Blue Sunchips
Drink: Diet Coke or Coke Zero
Movie:  Too many to narrow it down
TV show:  24, LOST
Restaurant:  Lupe Tortilla, Chuys, Chada Thai
Meal: International foods are yummy! 
Place to shop:  Amazon
Classroom or office need:  Bleach wipes & nice liquid hand soap
Opportunity for parents to volunteer:  Not very often

 Monica Nelson
Hobby: tennis, vacationing
Collectible: no
Gift cards: Shake Shack, Chick Fil A, In n out
Flower: lilies
Music: all, 80s
Sport team: Broncos
Book or author: Classic novels
Color: purple
Vacation spot: Cayman Islands, Yellowstone
Candy: m and ms, dark chocolate
Cake: Chocolate
Pie: apple, cherry
Healthy snack: fruit, trail mix
Chip: Doritos, Popcorners, chex mix
Drink: water
Movie: Hallmark movies, musicals
TV show: Psych, cooking
Restaurant: Chuy’s
Meal: BBQ
Place to shop: Target
Classroom or office need: hand sanitizer, math manipulatives

 Benjamin Pesqueda
Hobby: Guitar
Collectible: Magic the Gathering
Gift cards: Alamo Drafthouse
Flower: Daffodil
Plant: Ivy
Scents: foresty/earthy
Music: Radiohead
Sport team: n/a
Book or author: Oscar Wilde
Color: Emerald
Vacation spot: any beach
Candy: n/a
Cake: n/a
Pie: Sugar Free Apple Pie; Fruit tarts with custard in little pie shells
Healthy snack: dark chocolate and nuts
Chip: n/a
Drink: Topo Chico
Movie: anything sci-fi or sciency
TV show: sci-fi and/or ‚Äúsmart‚ÄĚ comedy (not Big Bang Theory!)
Restaurant: Chez-Zee
Meal: Margherita Pizza-no red sauce
Place to shop: Goodwill
Classroom or office need: a graphic designer printer
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: I was thinking about putting on an art show maybe?

¬†Prajinta “Jin/Jina”Pesqueda
Hobby: films, books, travel, dining
Collectibles: Santa Fe art, crosses, dance art, ocean themed do-dads, hummingbirds, rocks
Gift cards: Amazon, Central Market, Whole Foods
Flower: Purple Iris
Plant: Wysteria
Scents: Peach, clove, apple cobbler, food scents, etc… (I am allergic to perfume)
Music: Rock/alternative/folk/indie ( Dave Matthews, Radiohead, MGMT, Sia, Rihanna, X Ambassadors, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, Bob Dylan, Andrea Botticelli)
Sport team: None. I only follow golf (Phil Mickleson is my favorite golfer)
Book or author: Non-fiction: education, philosophy, psychology, politics, humanities, etc.. Favorite fiction authors: Dostoevsky, Flaubert, Steinbeck 
Poetry:Sylvia Plath, of course!
Color: Black
Vacation spot: Florence and Venice, Italy- Paris, France- London, England, West Coast, Disney resorts, Massachusetts, Thailand
Candy: I like all flavors of fudge! Almond Snickers
Pie: sugar free pumpkin pie or sugar free fruit pie
Healthy snack: Acai bowl, banana chips, walnuts/cashews/pecans, hemp seed peanut butter nuggets, 1/2 avocado with organic oat crackers 
Chip: Terra exotic blend, sweet potato chips
Drink: Unsweetened decaffeinated tea, coconut water
Movie: Amelie
TV show: Fixer Upper, British Cooking Show, Black Mirror, The Night Of, House of Cards, Sherlock, Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Veronica Mars, 3rd Rock from the Sun & Frasier reruns, World News, John Oliver, PBS, golf channel, travel channel
Restaurant: Chee Zee or Titaya’s
Meal: #1 Thai  #2 Mexican  #3 Italian
Place to shop: Zulily, Banana Republic, Anthropologie
Classroom or office need:
Opportunity for parents to volunteer:

 Jean Poynter
Hobby: reading, scrapbooking, ZumbaFavorite

Gift cards: Hobby Lobby, Charming Charlie’s, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Alamo Drafthouse, Mardel’s
Flower: Peach Roses
Scents: for candles it differs with seasons
Music: all kinds
Sport team: Dallas Cowboys
Color: all
Vacation spot: Colorado Rockies or beaches of Florida
Candy: Reeses, chocolate
Cake: carrot cake, tres leches
Pie: cherry pie, key lime pie, pecan or pumpkin cheesecake
Healthy snack: trail mix, almonds
Drink: Starbucks coffee
Movie: Sound of Music
TV show: Seinfeld
Restaurant: Baby Acapulco’s, Torchy’s Tacos, Five Guys, Longhorns, P.F. Chang’s
Meal: Mexican
Place to shop: White House/Black Market, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Dillard’s

 Lindsay Prater
Hobby: Reading, writing, playing guitar
Collectible: Elephants & Dinosaurs
Gift cards: Bookstores, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks, Modcloth to support my Ms. Frizzle habit
Flower: Daisies & Plumeria
Plant: Lucky bamboo
Scents: Plumeria & Lavender
Music: Old Jazz and Disney songs
Sport team: San Diego Padres
Book or author: Bill Peet
Color: Green
Vacation spot: Hawai’i or England
Candy: Dark chocolate
Cake: Chocolate cake balls!
Pie: Homemade! Any kind is delicious!
Healthy snack: Almonds and fresh fruit
Chip: Potato
Drink: Hot tea, PG is the best
Movie: Disney orThe Lego Movie or Star Wars!
TV show: Don’t really watch TV anymore
Restaurant: I like to try new things
Meal: I like to try new things
Place to shop: Bookstores and craft stores and online
Classroom or office need: Check out the Class Wishlist on my website :)
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: Most certainly! Email me for more info!

 Debi Raphael
Hobby: Baking and Reading
Collectible: Cows and Darth Vader
Gift cards:  Target, Starbucks
Flower: Pink Rose
Plant: none
Scents: Vanilla
Music: all
Sport team: Atlanta Braves
Color: Pink
Vacation spot: Beach
Candy: Chocolate (I have to be careful as I am a Type 1 Diabetic so I limit my carbs and sugar)
Cake: Chocolate (I have to be careful as I am a Type 1 Diabetic so I limit my carbs and sugar)
Pie: Sugar free chocolate cream pie. (I have to be careful as I am a Type 1 Diabetic so I limit my carbs and sugar)
Healthy snack: raw veggies, nuts, fruit
Chip: none
Drink: water, coffee
Movie: An Affair to Remember
Restaurant: Opal Divine’s, Verde’s, Mirchi
Place to shop: Target, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works

 Louise Reading
Hobby: Art
Collectible: Bird trinkets, bird art etc., vintage ladybird books, art supplies: pastels, brushes, paper, colored water pencils, water colors
Gift cards: Target, Starbucks, Vespaio Ristoranti, Sushi Sake, Ulta, Chili’s (Oskar’s favorite restaurant)
Flower: Iris
Plant: Tiny Rosebush
Scents: Coco Chanel, Lily of the Valley Muguet
Music: Gershwin, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse
Sport team: Wisconsin Badgers
Book or author: Margaret Atwood, Kit Williams, Clive Barker
Color: Cobalt blue
Vacation spot: England, Paris, Gruene
Candy: Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar
Cake: Italian Cream Cheese
Pie: Key Lime
Healthy snack: I TRY to eat low carb- nuts, hard boiled eggs, salad, string cheese
Chip: I don’t eat chips
Drink: Starbucks Iced Green Tea Unsweetened
Movie: Being There
TV: Old Mary Tyler Moore Reruns, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras, Louis CK
Restaurant: Sushi Saki, Vespaio Ristoranti, Starbucks, Sarovar Indian Cuisine
Meal: Starbucks Turkey Havarti Sandwich with unsweet green tea lemonade, sushi
Place to shop: Target, Janie and Jack, Barnes and Noble, Toy shops for Oskar
Classroom or office need: Clorox wipes, star and incentive stickers, prizes for prize box
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: pulling and stapling math pages, straightening bookshelves, reading to class

 Mike Riczinger
Hobby: Pub Trivia, Working Out, Writing
Collectible: Anything to do with pigs. (My wife and I own 2 potbelly pigs.)
Gift Cards: Amazon, Best Buy (I recently gave up coffee so no Starbucks please.)
Flower: Poppies
Plant: Cactus
Scents: Lavender, Warm Vanilla, Sugar
Sport team: Cleveland Browns
Color: Asure or any lighter shade of blue
Candy: Anything peanut butter.
Cake: Chocolate fudge, peanut butter
Pie: Chocolate cream pie or pecan pie
Healthy snack: Granola Bars, Almonds, Green Tea
Chip: Salt & Vinegar
Drink: Chocolate Malt or Shake
TV show: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead
Restaurant: Chuy’s
Meal: A really good burger or burrito.
Place to shop: Amazon, Best Buy

Frank Rivera
Hobby: tennis
Flower: rose
Scents: pine, rose, lemon
Music: Paul Simon, Arcade Fire
Sport team: Texas Longhorns
Book or author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Walt Whitman
Color: blue
Vacation spot: Mexico
Candy: milk chocolate (Lindt, especially) or sour straws/belts
Cake: white cake with chocolate icing or cheesecake
Pie: apple or berry
Healthy snack: Whole Foods, almonds, dried cranberries, granola
Chip: Spicy Cheetos
Drink: water
Movie: The Princess Bride, Cinema Paradiso, Miyazaki
TV show: Bob’s Burgers, Arrested Development
Restaurant: Popeye‚Äôs Fried Chicken, Phil’s Ice House, P.Terry’s, Whole Foods
Meal: Fried Chicken
Place to shop: South Congress, Austin Books & Comics

Manuel Rivera
Hobby: Video games
Collectibles: Board games
Gift cards: Outback, Best Buy, Barnes & Nobles
Flower: Rose
Plant: Venus child trap
Scents: Grilled meat
Music: Alternative
Sport team: San Francisco 49ers
Book or author: Harlan Ellison
Color: Green
Vacation spot: Puerto Vallarta
Candy: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Cake: Tres Leches
Pie: Buttermilk
Healthy snack: Carrots
Chip: Cool Ranch Doritos
Drink: Unsweet Iced Tea
Movie: Aliens
TV show: Archer
Restaurant: Outback Steak House
Meal: Steak
Place to shop: Dragon’s Lair
Classroom or office need: Dry erase markers (in bulk!)

 Jeff Shafer
Special request: Mr. Shafer participates in the BPMS150 every year. It is a cycling ride from Houston to Austin that helps raise money and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Instead of gifts, Mr. Shafer would appreciate it if parents could donate to the charity and support his team in their efforts. You can donate at: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/TXHBikeEvents?px=7358541&pg=personal&fr_id=29316

If this is not an option, his favorite things are listed below.

Birthdate: February 19
Hobby: Boating, cycling
Collectible: boat things (I have a boat theme room)
Gift cards: Starbucks, Home Depot, Best Buy, Bicycle sport shop, Performance bike shop
Flower: Orchid
Plant: fern
Scents: Pine, Apple, Cinnamon
Music: Classic Rock
Sport team: Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Stars, Texas Stars, Rochester Americans
Color: Blue
Vacation spot: Skiing in Colorado, Lake LBJ or any lake I can boat on
Candy: Skittles, Sweet tarts, prefer no chocolate
Cake: White
Pie: Apple
Healthy snack: fruit especially apples, grapes, strawberries, black berries and pineapple
Chip: Doritos
Drink: Coffee, Soda
Movie: Miracle
TV show: Late night with Jimmy Fallon
Restaurant: Chili’s, Outback, Any Italian
Meal: Pasta, Steak
Place to shop: Home Depot, Best Buy
Classroom or office need: new games for kids to play, yard sticks, 12 inch rulers

 Lex Simon
Collectible: exotic stuff from other countries
Gift cards: Starbucks, Hobby Lobby
Flower: Orchid
Plant: unfortunately, none have ever survived my care
Scents: sandalwood
Music: a variety
Sport team: Dallas Mavericks
Book or author: Dean Koontz
Color: red, black
Vacation spot: too many to name
Candy: trying to avoid it this year
Cake: also avoiding it, but I love chocolate
Pie: sweet potato or pumpkin
Healthy snack: hummus
Chip: none really
Drink: black tea, green tea
Movie: Princess Bride
TV show: Turn
Restaurant: Musashinos
Meal: pretty much anything
Place to shop: Central Market
Classroom or office need: always seem to need paper plates, cups, etc.
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: field trips, class parties / activities

 Laura Smith
Birthdate: October 5
Hobby: Knitting and marathon running
Collectible: random geeky things
Gift cards: Starbucks!
Flower: Wildflowers to plant
Scents: (none)
Music: ITunes gift card
Sport team: (none)
Book or author: … too many to choose from
Color: mustard yellow
Vacation spot: mountains – camping and hiking
Candy: (none, please!)
Cake: (none, please!)
Pie: Pumpkin
Healthy snack: Granola bars
Chip: Terra chips
Drink: coffee
Movie: Star Wars
TV show: Dr. Who
Restaurant: Soup Peddler, Freebirds
Meal: Guacamole refried beans goodness
Place to shop: Amazon, Austin Creative Reuse
Classroom or office need: paperclips, binder clips, art supplies
Opportunity for parents to volunteer: Art projects

Ashley Stuewe
Birthdate: May 3
Hobby: Drawing and Painting
Collectible: Coffee Mugs
Gift cards: Target, Amazon, or AMC theater
Flower: Lillies
Plant: Cactus
Scents: Fresh linen, rain, vanilla
Music: Any genre except country
Sport team: Kansas State University
Book or author: I enjoy mysteries, suspense, and fiction novels
Color: Teal
Vacation spot: New. Braunfels, schlitterbahn, san antonio river walk
Movie: Any really except for horror
TV show: The Great British Baking Show
Place to shop: Target, Hobby Lobby
Classroom or office need: paint brushes, markers, or scotch tape

 Dee Threatt
Sport team: Texas Tech
Candy: Butterfinger
Cake: Carrot Cake
Pie: Pecan Pie
Healthy snack: Grapes
Chip: Sun Chips
Drink: Coke Zero
Movie: Star Trek
TV show: Dr. Who
Restaurant: Del Taco
Place to shop: Amazon
Classroom or office need: Bic Cristal Red Pens, Styrofoam balls (various sizes)

 Diana Threatt
Hobby: Reading, exercising
Gift cards: ¬†Starbucks,Barnes and Nobles,Rosa’s, Clark’s
Flower:  All
Plant:  Air purifying plants
Scents:  Vanilla, citrus
Music:  Classical,Contemporary Christian
Book or author:  Outlander series, Literature classics
Color:  PINK
Candy:  Chocolate
Cake:  Chocolate
Pie:  Pecan
Healthy snack:  nuts, dried fruit
Drink:  water, coffee,Coke Zero
Movie:  Star Trek,
TV show:   NCIS
Restaurant: ¬†La Madeline,Mooyah’s,Red Robin,Chuy’s
Meal:  Tex-Mex, Chinese, Southern fried catfish
Place to shop: Everywhere
Classroom or office need: Bulletin board supplies, Storage supplies

 Aryn van Steijn
Gift cards: Amazon & Target
Flower: Sunflower
Scents: lemon or peppermint
Sport team: Texas Tech Red Raiders
Book or author: Gabriel García Márquez
Color: red
Vacation spot: the beach
Candy: Peanut butter M&Ms
Cake: Italian Cream Cake
Pie: Apple
Healthy snack: True North nut clusters
Chip: Sun Chips
Drink: Tazo Baked Cinnamon Apple Tea
Restaurant: Lupe Tortilla
Meal: Mexican

 Victoria Zolli
Birthdate: April 12
Special request: Truthfully, I have a box with all special hand written cards from the kids. They’re the best gift!!
Hobby: Running, walking, seeing movies, shopping, listening to live music, cooking, baking
Collectible: Nail polish ūüėõ
Gift cards: Joint giftcards from the class are very appreciative, if someone is looking to buy a giftcard, might as well to the same place. Favorite giftcards to shop with would be Altar’d State in the Domain, Express, Sephora, Amazon, Kendra Scott.
Flower: I love all flowers!!
Plant: Orchids but I always kill them!! I love all plants esp. for my outdoor balcony :)
Scents: Japanese cherry blossom mist from bath and body works
Music: Country, 80’s, 90’s
Sport team: I don’t know the first thing about sports!!
Book or author: Jennifer Weiner, Emily Griffin, JK Rowling, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Color: Pink!
Vacation spot: I don’t have any in Texas yet!! :(
Candy: Dark chocolate anything
Cake: Tiramisu, Oreo, dark chocolate, or pumpkin
Pie: Pecan
Healthy snack: Mixed fruit salad, veggies & hummus
Chip: Cheesy anything
Drink: I love mostly any coffee, americano, latte, cappuccino, all of it! but I ONLY have decaf. I don’t drink regular caffeine drinks.
Movie: Kate and Leopold.. chick flicks and romantic comedies!! <3
TV show: Arrow!
Restaurant: NoRth Italia, Uchi/Uchiko, Tomoduchi Sushi,Tarka, Claypit, Rudy’s BBQ
Meal: I am a pescetarian, so no meat or poultry for me, just fish.
Place to shop: Alter’d State, Express, Sephora
Classroom or office need: We love using colored copy paper for our weekly HW sheets (pastels or brights, nothing too dark) and I am always on the hunt for new treasure box toys.

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