Annual Fundraiser



Go to:
Go to:  Student/Seller
Login: Very Top Blue Tab
Enter:  Student Name and Information
School Code is: 48604

Once your student has an account follow the prompts.
You are able to send emails to out of town relatives and friends through the website.
This way your student will get credit for the sale.
The items will ship directly to the individuals and you can relax in your own home while selling!

There will be Thermometer’s posted in the Hallway near the PTSO Bulletin Board.  The thermometer will show how many online sales we have to date per class and all sales that have been turned in to-date.

We hope you are all selling and helping support our school through the Fundraiser.  Keep in mind…if you are not into selling and would like to Opt OUT then feel free to.

Please make all checks payable to: CSA PTSO

If you have any questions regarding the fundraiser please contact:

What does the money we raise go towards?

School Events (Jumpoline, Spare Time, and Winter Wonderland)
School Equipment (Refrigerators, Laminators and more)
Staff Recognition (Teacher Appreciation, Back to School Breakfast, Monthly Luncheons and Supplies)

Top Selling Class

Top Selling AM Class and a Top Selling PM class receives a FREE Chick-fil-A meal